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Introduction by Allegheny County Clean Air Now

DTE Shenango Coke exceeds permitted emissions limits every 5 of 7 days.  Find out about its health impact, and watch and measure emissions, on Shenango Channel.

June 11:  Despite promises to install power backup equipment, DTE Shenango lost power yet again, triggering emergency venting and flaring for 53 minutes.  Avalon, Bellevue, the North Side, Lawrenceville, O'Hara and Fox Chapel were downwind and bore the brunt of the toxic and carcinogenic emissions.  Leah Andrascik of Avalon: "We could smell the noxious odors filling the air.  I’m appalled that my two young children and many others in our community were exposed to raw coke oven gas and the many other unprocessed emissions that were released into the air that evening."

Brown, orange, yellow, blue and black emissions:  Toxic organics condense into various colors when battery is allowed to vent directly to the air.  These heavy organics are carcinogenic at minute levels, and include high levels of PAHs, which recent studies associate with autism.  Black smoke can come from burning raw coke oven gas, and other black and grey emissions can be escaping coal or coke.  All are toxic when inhaled.

Residents discuss health impacts from being exposed to DTE Shenango's pollution.

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Learn how to see polluted emissions from Shenango, pollution sensor readings, and reported smells from residents using Shenango Channel. Explore for yourself by clicking the ‘Shenango Channel’ tab at the top of this page.